You Made My Book a 1000% Better!

June 16th, 2009

caseytruffo4“Mike, I just wanted to write you and let you know how much I appreciate all you did for me. Your editing work on ‘Be a Wealthy Therapist’ has improved the book in such significant ways it simply AMAZES me. I especially loved how you beefed up the introduction. As well, the overall structural changes you’ve made have really made the book 1,000% better. I am so grateful! Your input has made the benefits of the book so clear - this is definitely what I needed to increase my book sales. You really did a fantastic job adding improvements while preserving my voice and style (you took my writing and made me sound even better!) I am happy, happy, happy with the book.

Thanks again for all you did!

– Casey Truffo, Founder

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Mike’s Writing Makes Your Work ‘Sellable’.

June 16th, 2009

“If you tired of struggling to finish (or even start!) your writing projects, Mike is the guy for you. He has a knack for taking rough material and turning it into something ’sellable’, plus he’s just a great guy to work with.”

– Tina Forsyth,

Mike’s Creative Zip Means We Sell More AND Attract Happy Customers

June 16th, 2009

“Being the very creative person I am, it’s such a relief to rely on┬áMike to help complete new products. His strengths are in giving a linear flow and creative zip to the written word, and do so while preserving my individual voice. Whether he’s taking audio material and creating a written companion document or editing something already drafted, Mike helps us avoid ‘product creation constipation!’ As a result, we sell more and attract more happy customers as a result.

Simply put, I believe *everyone* who wants to fill their product funnel and make more money needs a ‘Mike’.”

– Andrea J. Lee, Head Coach ‘Creating What Matters’ and Author of ‘Multiple Streams of Coaching Income’