When You’re Stuck - Blog Post Idea Grab Bag for Solopreneurs

February 17th, 2010



These ideas and topics are meant to kick start your own creative process. Some can be used ‘off-the-shelf’ - title and all - you chose.


Happy writing!


1.      How to find the right niche.

2.      Top 10 signs you are in the wrong niche.

3.      Do I really need a business plan?

4.      __ways to find more paying clients.

5.      The best ways to conduct market research.

6.      How to handle a problem client who’s also your top billing.

7.      The art of firing a client (and how to guarantee they recommend your service after they’re gone).

8.      What do you do when a client fires you?

9.      How to ‘close’ a hesitant client?

10.  How to handle complaints without breaking your boundaries.

11.  How to apologize to a client without losing their biz (or their respect).

12.  How to write a ‘cold’ email to prospective clients.

13.  When do you know it’s time to quit your day job?

14.  How do I use Facebook, Twitter, social media to attract new clients?

15.  How to tell if/when you are ready to quit your day job and start working at home.

16.  How do I quit my day job, work from home (and not go crazy from worry/the stress)?

17.  The challenges of being a solopreneur AND a mother/father/spouse/partner…

18.  What is competitive advantage and how do I know if I have one?

19.  My best/favorite client success story.

20.  The worst client I ever had…(anonymous of course).

21.  How to sign up new business in tough economic times.

22.  How to write a promo and not feel creepy/salesy/pushy.

23.  How to write a sales letter that doesn’t suck.

24.  How to find a great writer-for-hire.

25.  What are the best things about your work environment (space/light/color/gadgets/desk…)?

26.  What I miss most about working outside the home (and why I’ll never go back).

27.  If you could run your business from anywhere, where would that be and why?

28.  How to break out of the 9 to 5/pay check mentality.

29.  Profit share and subcontractors – should you or shouldn’t you?

30.  How to set up a profit share with subcontractors.

31.  Affiliates – teh good the bad and the just plain ugly.

32.  What does a day in the life of YOU look like?

33.  Where was your last vacation and where are you planning to go next – why?

34.  Budget is NOT a four letter word.

35.  How much money do I need to set aside in my business for expansion/tax/education/travel?

36.  How do you define success and how will you know if you get there?

37.  How does a business budget differ from a personal budget (and why should I care)?

38.  How to tell if you’re addicted to personal growth/conventions.

39.  How guerrilla marketing can make you look like a turkey (or an eagle).

40.  What’s your competitive advantage?

41.  Social media and you - how to get started.

42.  How to go from good to great.

43.  How to leverage current events to improve YOUR search engine ranking.

44.  What’s a viral post and why should I care?

45.  Solopreneurial Siberia - Where to go when you feel isolated?

46.  Chrystal ball - What will your field look like in 5, 10, 20, 50 years?

47.  The Ten Biggest Mistakes I Ever Made in Start Up (and how you can avoid them).

48.  The most embarrassing client moment and what I learned from it.

49.  My ultimate top 3 stress busters.

50.  Share a milestone in your business/personal growth.

51.  Write about your ‘niche hero’ and what it is about them that you admire most.

52.  Review the most recent business book you’ve read or most recent websites you’ve visited.

53.  What I learned from (a current event, a person you met, or an experience you had).

54.  Define commonly used terms in your niche that a beginner might not understand.

55.  Ask your readers for their biggest problem and write about it (and any follow ups).

56.  Contradict/challenge a hugely popular site/concept/method in your field.

57.  Speak out against the conventional wisdom and rules of operation in your field.

58.  Introduce 5 new services/service providers you recommend and say why (be specific).

59.  Take a popular blog/website outside your field and show how to adapt success principles from it to your own niche/field.

60.  Highlight someone in your field ‘doing it right’.

61.  Take a snippet from a previously published article you wrote and highlight it in a post (and provide a link to the full length article).

62.  Share your frustrations about blogging and what you do to keep writing/motivated.

63.  Share a story of success you found directly through blogging.

64.  Take a spam email/promo/sales letter sample that deals with what you offer/do and take it apart to show why it does/doesn’t work for you.

65.  Describe a service you use that you just couldn’t do without.

66.  Just keep writing.


I know, a list of 66 is an odd number – that’s just where it fell. Stay tuned. If this proves popular there may be more to come.

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