10 Ways to Spice up Your Blog Posts

February 17th, 2010


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Let’s be honest, blogging can be a real pain. Coming up with fresh topics to write about can be a big challenge.


The keys to a great blog are: relevant, current content provided in an entertaining way.


Check out these ideas to get you back into the groove when you’re stuck. Don’t forget - for the most part, apply one concept per post.


1. LISTS - Why do people love lists? Readers like them because they are quick and easy to read. Bloggers like them because they are easy to write. Try…Top 10 (or 5 or 3) lists, 7 Ways to…, 3 things NOT to do…. The key here is to hook them with a great title.


2. INVITE PARTICIPATION - Invite your readers to participate in a question, comment or discussion. 


3. INTERVIEWS - Talk to someone in your field - colleage, expert, controversial figure - then write about it and/or record it and put a link to the audio in your post.


4. RECOMMENDATIONS - Basically, if you use stuff and you have a list people will be interested in your insights and experience - from the kind of pen you prefer to your favorite vacation spot.


5. GUEST BLOGGERS - Invite a guest host to write a blog for you OR swap blog posts for a month with a guest host - obviously it’s someone you know, like and trust and vice versa. Don’t forget to have your final approval for content.


6. REVIEWS - Whatever works for your niche - music, websites, other blog posts, movies, food, books, services, gadgets, etc.


7. HOW TO’S - Share your expertise. We’ve grown up in the ‘how to’ and DIY world and people love easy to follow instructions to help them get further in their lives and their business.


8. GO VISUAL - Whether they’re from YouTube or your own collection, photo’s and videos can be great attention getters.



9. QUOTES - Share a quote or saying from someone famous or in your field related to your post.



10. Q&A - Answer readers feedback/questions/comments.


It doesn’t take much to spice up your posts (and recharch your creative energy). Try one (or all) of tips and you’ll not only have more fun with your posts, so will your readers.

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