Vacation Deprived? 5 Tips to Taking Time Off (Without Going Out of Business)

July 20th, 2009

sad manager in the sea

Feel like you don’t take enough time off?


You’re not alone.

A recent article in the Globe and Mail found most people don’t take all the time off they have coming to them.

Below shows the average number of holidays workers around the world have and how they use them.

Canada - 19 holdidays. Workers who don’t use them all = 24%

France - 38 holidays. Workers who don’t use them all = 22%

Japan - 15 holidays. Workers who don’t use them all = 92% 


If you’re a solopreneur you might be thinking, “Vacation!? Who’s got time for that?” and you either end up working during your ‘vacation’ or not taking the time off.

Gimme a Break.

The 3 secrets to profitable real estate investment is location, location, location. The 3 secrets to ensuring you don’t return from vacation feeling like you need another vacation (from your vacation) or discovering you’ve gone out of business are…

Planning, planning, planning.

1. Holida-ay! You can’t take it off if you don’t know when it is. Open a calendar (try hanging a full year calendar on the wall). Mark the days you must take off - weddings, graduations, Christmas etc. Seems like a lot? We’re not done yet…

2. I Feel a Cold Coming On. Remember the ‘good ole’ 9-5? Calling in sick (even if you weren’t - i.e. playoff season) and still getting paid? Ahhh. Ahem! Now you’re the boss and you never get sick, right? Of course you do. So plan for it. Add a few sick days (per month) to your calendar (even if you won’t use them all).

3. Resistence is Futile.  Include all statutory holidays. Want to beat the crowds? Take you ’stats’ on different days. Either way, you’ve likely earned ‘em so don’t skip ‘em.       

4. Are You Busy This Weekend? Again, your weekends don’t have to be Saturday and Sunday - they don’t even have to be paired up - chose what works for you.

Stand back. Take a deep breath. Looks like more holidays than work days? There aren’t. It’s just a realistic picture of your time off.

The Flip Side

5. All Work and No Play… You’ve mapped out your works days too. Think about it - you’ve just planned your entire work year.  

Planning your vacation actually makes you more efficient AND much more effective in planning your work days in order to meet your holiday targets - talk about motivation.

How successful are you at taking time off? What’s one proactive step you can take today to make sure you give yourself more time off?