12 Tips to a Better Blog Post

June 16th, 2009



1.       Be Unique – just like everybody else. Seriously, stand out by taking a stand the way only you can.



2.       Use Catchy Headlines. Provocative, helpful, promising a solution to a problem, etc. If it doesn’t ‘hook’ it won’t catch.



3.       Use Photos Where Appropriate. A picture is worth a thousand dollars (or could be if it gets people into your e-world).



4.       Get to Your Point and Move On. It’s a sprint, not a marathon. Need more than 250 words to make your point? Write a newsletter.



5.       Beginning, Middle, End. Have one of each. Don’t laugh. You’d be surprised.



6.       Focus. Make one major point per post. Too many ideas in a single post leads to long-winded confusion.




7.       “No offence, but…” Your posts will be criticised from time to time – don’t take it personally. Learn from any feedback (if you can) and move on. At least people are reading.




8.       Edit. Nothing annoys a reader faster than distracting errers.




9.       Don’t Be a Weak Link. Posts with links to related web pages help drive more traffic.




10.   Season with Keywords. What keywords will people use to search for your post? Include them in the text, titles and headers.




11.   Any questions? Asking questions of readers at the end of a post encourages feedback and interaction.


12.   Don’t follow the rules. Think of this list more as principles rather than rules. You never know what works and what doesn’t unless you try it. (BTW, this post is over 250 words).


If you still hate doing your posts or have no time but need a blog post to generate traffic why not hire a freelancer? Find someone who knows how to write effectively and can do so in your voice.


What tips have you discovered that have helped you make your blog posts more effective?


4 Responses to “12 Tips to a Better Blog Post”

  1. Carl Harris on July 19, 2009 3:11 am

    I’m trying to stick to points 4 and 6 more but fail sometimes - yesterday I did a post in the 2000 words region and I could have split it up over the week but it needed to all be said … I think.

    One tip I’ve picked up is if you use another author’s article/video (legitimately with proper links back to the author, of course) make sure you put your own introduction before and afterwards otherwise you’ll get slapped for ‘duplicate content’.

  2. Kathy Baur on July 23, 2009 4:21 pm

    I’m just getting started with my blog and always looking for good tips. I work with folks with ADHD and I’m a big advocate of bullet points, lists, and good use of white space.

  3. admin on July 23, 2009 5:28 pm

    Hi Carl - Congratulations! I know a lot of people who would kill to have 2000 words for their blog. But asking your online readers to take in 2000 words at once is like asking someone to sit down and eat an entire cake in one sitting. If you slice it into 10 peices/posts you increase the odds it will be ‘consumed’ (it also makes it more digestable). It may all need to be said, but if people can’t get through it, it’s like not saying it at all, isn’t it? Just a thought.

  4. admin on July 23, 2009 5:29 pm

    gotta love the bullets and white space!

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